January 2016 Newsletter

This And That.

En so is nog ‘n jaar op sy kop. Desember 2015 het aangebreek en almal maak reg vir ‘n lekker ruskans.
So many good and not so good things happened last year. Not to go into detail, we all know about our Club-members that have been tested this year. Please know that we are thinking and praying for each and every one of you – you know who you are!!

Previous Run: Yearend Function & A.G.M. 5 December 2015.
This year we decided to keep it simple. Just relax, braai and be together as friends. 1st to arrive was JP to help Anton with the setting up of the Spit Braai. I was summoned to the Garage to help and there I got the biggest surprise: Karen popped in for a visit. It was such a wonderful sight to see my friend out and about. We had just a little time together and then she had to go back to Rehab again. Karen, thank you for visiting us. It was beautiful to have you here.

2016janMarkus and Michelle arrived as Karen was leaving and had a chance to say “Hi” before she left. Vernon, Karin and Lilly arrived next with Ouboet and Liana short on their heels. Christo, Sandra and Maxi and then Mitch arrived next. Jan, Emile and Katja followed soon after them. Unfortunately Niel and Marie could not make it to the function as Niel hurt his back the previous week. We missed you!! Hennie and Yolandie could not make it either. We missed you guys too.

Vernon and Markus pitched their tents and soon we all relaxed with a “cold” drink. It was nice just to relax and to catch up with everyone again. Thank you to the guys that attended to the Spit-braai. It was really done to perfection.

2016 is going to be a good year for all of us. Let’s stick together as friends. This club is all about close friends and special times. Thank you to each and every one for making Beach Buggy Club SA, special.

Minutes of A.G.M

2016janPresident welcomes all members.

Thanks to all for paying membership fees and giving donations for the raffle and also attending our runs.


Naomi – Raffles need to improve we are battling to get quality raffle prizes to make the raffle worthwhile for the run.

Christo says buy something for the raffle that you would like to win yourself. Everyone agrees to this.

Most of the members felt that you should buy something for the raffle to the value of R100.
Send a reminder on the Whatsapp group on the Wednesday before the run to buy your raffle prize (Anton – Flip please help me to remember this).


Jp reminded all club members that they are welcome to attend the Friday night braai’s at the clubhouse that is why the Friday night braai’s were created in the first place. Members are also welcome to sleep over if they like. There is no need to have a boring Friday. The President and Secretary agreed.


Jan explained the Namibia Road Trip.
18 – 28 March 2016.
2016janR1600 per person. Money to be paid to Jan by 31 December 2015.
We need 15 people to make the trip work (looks like we got 15).
Jan is willing to buy a Combi then 8 people can drive with him to save on petrol cost.
Your vehicle must be in your name. If still paying it off then you need a letter from your bank.
Notify medical aid that you are crossing the border.
Anton E-mail details to members for Namibia trip. (Done)

Calendar 2016

Members must make note in diaries of runs for planning. Organizers must try to stick to these dates.

20 Dec - Breakfast Run - Jp
17 Jan – Ice Cream Run - Anton
7 Feb – Ouboet & Liana Se Run
2016jan19 - 28 Mar – Namibia Road Trip - Jan
10 April – Young Buggers Run – Emiel, Zelmarie & Kyle
15 May – Niel Beer se Run
12 June – Christo & Sandra’s Run
10 July – Bonnet & Kop se Run
5 - 9 Aug – Anton & Naomi se Kamp
11 Sep – JP & Karen’s Run
9 Oct – Jan Swart se Run
11 - 13 Nov – Jp & Karen se Kamp
10 Dec – Yearend Function and AGM – Anton & Naomi
28 Dec – 3 Jan – 7 Day Adventure – Anton & Naomi

NB: Organisers must write a one page letter after you have arranged a run / Camp for the newsletter

New Members

All members must make it their mission to make possible new members feel welcome so that they would want to come on future runs.

It was decided to not use the Lappie Colours for new members. New members can get their jackets but all they can put on the back is their name and this will then act as half colours – this gives them time to start working on their jackets collecting and putting on badges. They can qualify for full Colours after 6 months depending on how many runs they attended, membership fees paid etc. Committee will decide if they qualify or not.

Naomi to find out price of colours

Vernon & Karin have qualified and was promoted to Permanent Members.


It was decided that all camp organizers must have a badge made for their camp. If you need help with this, the people to speak to is, Mitch, Sandra and Ouboet, they have done this before.
You just add the price of the badge to the price of the camp.

If a run organiser wants to have a badge made for their run you are welcome to do so.

Membership Cards

Mitch and Vernon to follow up on membership cards (business cards).

Club must have extra cards made and have them on counters at places like Flat Four Racing & Beamish etc.


Ouboet handled the voting.
President – Anton
Secretary – Naomi
Secretary’s  assistant – Karin Watson

Meeting adjourned.

To see all the photos of this run:


Next Run: Ice Cream Run. 17 January 2016.

We meet at Bothasig Shopright and leave at 10am.
We will then take a nice rustige drive down to Gordonsbay to where I believe is the place with the lekkerste ice cream cones available.
Remember to bring something for the raffle.


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