July 2016 Newsletter

Previous Run: Christo & Sandra se Run. 12 June 2016.

2016 july After a very early rise we headed down to the Engen N1 Winelands Garage to meet the rest of the Buggers. Being so cold and with unpredictable weather everybody agreed to come in their normal vehicles instead of Buggies.

 Once we were happy and fuelled up on coffee we headed off to Vredenheim Wine Farm & Big Cats Sanctuary just outside Stellenbosch. Just around the corner of Van Rhyn Brandy. And yes my Garmin took me down the wrong road which was gated up. (It probably knew that the Buggers were coming.)

Once we arrived we all sat down to a wine tasting session of 5 wines. This was the worst wines ever seen. But at least their grape juice was a winner and almost everybody stocked up on it.
2016 julyWe then headed down to the Cat Park which is situated on the farm for a feeding time experience. Our host was a young lady who knew her stuff and took us to each holding area where she gave us a talk on the specific animal and their traits. Then it was feeding time……raw whole feathered  chickens. Apparently the County Fair rejects. These majestic animals are fed twice a day at 11:00 & 13:00.
We had the opportunity to see Lions, Leopards, Cheetah, Tiger, Lynx, Water Buffalo, Bunnies & dead chickens. An experience I would recommend to everybody.

We then made a Group decision to go find a nice place to stop off for lunch. Naomi suggested fish & chips but when we got to a Fish shop in Stellenbosch it 2016 july2016 julylooked terrible so JP & Vernon suggested we go to a Bush Pub some kilometers down the road.

2016 julyWe arrived at this Bush Pub in the middle of nowhere and would not be able to even try and explain how to get to it. We all scanned the menu and found some very nice reasonably priced meals. We were graced with a young man as a waiter which kept us entertained the entire time.
2016 july2016 julySandra found the most interesting item on the menu and wanted to know what a “wood stack” was and what it was made of. (Rooikrans my Engel.)

After lunch we completed our mystery raffle (I requested all raffles to be wrapped) which was a nice change and hopefully something we will do going forward.
2016 july2016 july 








We all headed back home into different directions. Thanks all of those that attended and especially the Ceres & Tulbach mense.

Christo & Sandra
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Next Run: Bonnet & Kop Se Run. 10 July 2016.

Goeie dag Buggers
Dit gaan van die reën afhang vir wat ons wil doen so ons hoop nie dit gaan reën nie. Bring warm klere en trek gemaklike skoene aan wat maar kan vuil raak, want dit mag dalk modderig wees waar ons gaan loop.
Ons kom by ons gewone plek bymekaar - 10:00 by Engen Winelands. Ons gaan nie te ver ry na ons bestemming nie.
Dit gaan R50 per persoon wees vir ingang. Die plek is slegs kontant.
Vir middagete gaan ons by 'n plek eet net om die draai van waar ons gaan wees.
Bonnet&Kop (Markus&Michelle)

Braai at Club House. 8 July 2016

2016 july

















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2016 july

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