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Previous Run: Jan Se Run: 9 October  2016.

2016novLast week, the wild buggers had the opportunity to experience a part of South African history hands on.  Great thanks to bugger Jan Swart for organizing this run to! Kwa ttu for us.
!Kwa ttu,  as we experienced,  is a beautiful reserve with spectacular views, flavourful food, beautiful animlia, fauna and flora with an educational twist.

2016novThe very purpose of this run was for us all to learn about the indigenous Southern Africans and how they went about their lives, this purpose was finely fulfilled. We learned about the manner in which they grew herbs for health, hunted by themselves for meat and utilized all the parts of the animal to create useful, everyday objects to aid them in gaining food and caring for themselves. We were taught how they cared for their environment to ensure that the next generation will be able to live off of the land as well.
Personally, I believe that we should implement a few San-inspired things in our everyday life such as putting small pieces of plants in the ignitions of our buggies for good luck and to prevent curios visitors from jamming foreign objects in there and using freshly grown herbs and plants for medicine. We can even plant them in our backyard or inside the house for easy access!

2016novI sincerely hope that everyone else enjoyed this amazing day-trip as much as I did and I also hope that we will all utilize the knowledge we gained from the people we got into contact with as well as savor the beauty of the animals and the environment within this reserve.

-Katja Swart








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Next Event: Jp & Karen’s Camp. 11-13 November 2016.


We need a tally of the number of BUGGY’s that will be at the camp since we have a last plan to make, beforehand.
**Reply ONLY to Karen and not everyone-thanks!-(for these numbers)


Please also bring a grid, tongs, blitz if you can, otherwise we can make a plan and share – ons weet mos hoe!!
Please read original mail to ensure you don’t forget anything of importance.


The “drive to the destination” will leave the Clubhouse at 4h15pm on Friday afternoon:11 November. From there we will drive to our usual meeting meeting place at the garage on the N7. There we will wait until 5pm for whoever can make it by that time. At 5pm we will drive to the site.   

We can do another meet if we need to where I will go back to Philadelphia at about 6 or so to meet up with those that really cannot get there by 5.

It could get complicated to find the place so it would be preferable to meet the group at one of the arranged times but for those who REALLY cannot make a meet, please let me know and I will let you have directions in due course.

Last, but not least

****We would like to thank everyone who will be joining us and trust it meets your expectations!!It will be different, that’s for sure!!
Don’t forget to bring your HAPPY with!!

Kind regards
Karen and JP du Plessis



Hallo everyone

We are delighted to invite you to join us for a nice relaxing weekend away from home. We have found a beautiful place for our weekend camp at  the beginning  of November…………………. and, the owner has let us know that he will have it BUGGY FRIENDLY (day time only) for when we’re there J

The dates are: 11-13th Nov 2016

Meeting time and place TBA closer to the time but we will more than likely be meeting at the clubhouse and leaving from there.  We may enter camp site after 2 pm on Friday so we can plan around that for a time to leave. Naturally it would be cool if as many of us can drive together to the venue. Also, it isn’t a huge trek to the site and we’re in rooms so no tents and stuff to schlep with it would REALLY be cool if we can PLEASE all go in our BUGGY’S…. You too Mr. President! It would really be nice if we can have just one run this year where every Club Family has their Buggy on the run. If you have tons of stuff, A-frame it to the camp and use it on the weekend. Because it’s not far to go your additional fuel expense will be negligible. Obviously, if there really is no possible way you can take your buggy, or if its bucketing down with rain the weekend, it will be understandable.

The venue is a surprise…… however, if there is anyone that can’t make the meet at the clubhouse to drive with the group, we will give you directions closer to the time after you have been sworn to secrecy……

Normal “leaving time” is 10am Sunday morning but we have requested the time to be extended. We will keep you posted…

Accommodations are as follows:

Unfortunately there were only 3 and they were all booked and paid for last year already….Sorry….

You need to bring: Own bedding, pillow & towels

We do have some new mense in the club this year that did not book last year as well as a few people who couldn’t make it last year. It is vitally important the we book your accommodations as soon as possible. Please let us know as a matter of urgency whether you would like to join us, how many of you there are and whether you are prepared to share your room or prefer to be on your own.

Please note though that 4 beds per room equals R400/room/night whether you’re 1 person or 4. Sharing brings your cost down.


Additional info:

The venue would like a 50% deposit. We would appreciate your 50% accommodation deposit by no later than 4 Oct 2016, if possible, if you are interested in joining  us for the weekend. Banking details to be provided  as soon as booking is confirmed.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know anything else.

Karen: 084 5532 555 or JP 063 207 2536 or email to

Things to remember to bring:

Well, your normal camp stuff I guess… except tent.

Friday night we’ll have the “standard” Friday night braaitjie so bring whatever to braai. Saturday late arvie/evening/night time will be potjie carnival time! Each family a pot and perhaps everyone can have a taster of each. That will be a lekker gesellige way to spend the afternoon… Let us know what you think… 
We would like and appreciate a R200 contribution per family towards ice, wood and a few other bits and pieces. If you’re honest with yourself, you know you’re going to spend it on those things anyway so it shouldn’t be a problem. At least, if the money is taken upfront, things can be planned and sorted before the time. Any money not used will either be split and given back to each family or donated to the club for year the end function.
Final notes:


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