March 2018 Newsletter

A word from our Treasurer!!!!!
2018 march
Hi Buggers, 

The organizing of the year end function has commenced and this year it's going to be a big one.  In order for us to get all our ducks in a row, we need club fees as soon as possible as deposits need to be paid.  We would appreciate it if everyone could make payment as soon as possible.

Table Bay Mall
Use your name as reference

Previous Event: Vernon & Karins Run.  Saturday 10 February 2018.

2018 marchOn the morning of 10 February we all met up at the clubhouse for an early morning cup of coffee and a muffin.  Aftermeeting our newcomers, Kevin, Nicole and Corne we left the clubhouse at 8:45 for a day of 4x4 at Ou Trekpad.

Once we were all settled in we took to the track to test the buggies in the sand. To no surprise we all got stuck. Luckily we had plenty of experts like Bok and Jaques to give us some tips. Even though we all had fun poor Nicole seemed quite terrified by the experience but very quickly realise how much fun it can be.

Jaques even took on the see-saw which ended up being more challenging than expected.

After a bite to eat, a few rounds on the track and a couple of breakdowns (Christo's tyre wall and Corne stuck in first) we had a blindfold challenge for the ladies where Hiedi took first2018 march prize again.

What was supposed to be a tie breaking drag race for the ladies turned into a full on war between the men with a few illegal jump starts...still reviewing the footage for proof....LOL.


A few highlights of the day:

Seeing the kids riding our buggies around the track.

Tersia winning the DSTV prize. 

Jan falling in the fire wood....Vernon still has not stopped laughing
2018 march2018 march2018 march2018 march
2018 marchThank you to everyone that made it an awesome day.....looking forward to doing it again!

2018 marchVernon & Karin
Click the link below to see all the photos of this run:
Next Event: Shrek’s Run.  25 Maart 2018.

The Blaauwklippen Family Market has become renowned for being the best way to spend a Sunday in the Western Cape. Not only are there a wide range of mouth-watering foods and creative crafts, but there’s also fantastic entertainment and plenty of space for the kids to run free and play.

If you’re looking to appease your appetite there’s plenty to please, whether it be banting burgers, scrumptious samosas or any of the incredible international cuisine on offer; Greek kebabs, German Flammkuchen, Chinese dumplings and more! All this paired perfectly with Blaauwklippen wines, live music from the very best talented local musicians, to ensure a toe-tapping good time!

In addition to the wide array of arts & crafts, clothing and gadgets, the Family Market is joined monthly by an amazing antique fair, with bits and bobs from yesteryear. And while the adults shop, the kids can play, on any of the fantastic children’s activities or the popular pony rides. Even fur kids are welcome, as every 3rd Sunday dog lovers can enjoy the Vineyard Doggy Walk with all proceeds going towards the Helderberg Animal Welfare Society.

So bring the family, bring your friends, and enjoy a fun-filled day beneath the fig trees with an amazing glass of Blaauwklippen’s best at the Family Market, every Sunday from 10h00 to 15h00.

2018 march

We leave from Bothasig Shoprite Centre, at 9:30.

You don’t need to bring anything with, everything you need will be there to buy.
The cost of this run will be whatever you want to spend at the venue.

See you there or be square…


Next next Event: Vernon & Karens Camp.  6 - 8 April 2018.

Hi Buggers,

The April camp this year will be at Klondyke Cherry Farm in Ceres.The highlight of the weekend will be our Saterday roadtrip through the Karoo with our first stop at Tankwa padstal.  From there we will be heading to Kagga Kama for lunch/some drinks. We will then head through Katbakkies pas toward Dorpie-op-die-berg and back to Ceres where Olof will be waiting for us.

Date: 6 - 8 April 2018
Cost:  R100 per person per night (wood and ice supplied)

Please RSVP by 15 March 2018 as we all know that bookings need to be made.

2018 march2018 march2018 march2018 march2018 march



Members can advertise their business here or whatever you want to advertise here for free. Just mail me your add:

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Biltong & Droë Wors, honey, dried Fruit & Nuts can be bought from Kleyn Begin. Contact Naomi – 08 28 48 68 55. Or E-mail them at or see their website
2018 march

Other great Club places you can use to buy or sell your Beach Buggy or Air-cooled parts that will be viewed by 1000’s of people.

Wheel Cylinder Replacement
Note: Never replace only one wheel cylinder-
always replace in pairs (left to right).

  1. Remove the brake drums and shoes per the Brake Shoe Replacement procedure.
  2. Remove all dirt and foreign material from around the wheel cylinder on both sides of the backing plate (a toothbrush works well for this).
  3. With an 11mm line wrench, loosen the steel brake line fitting that connects to the wheel cylinder and remove the brake line from the cylinder. Immediately plug the brake line to prevent fluid loss and contamination. The rubber caps used to plug the vacuum lines on the carburetor work well for this.

Note: Do not use an ordinary open-end wrench (spanner) for this purpose. It's very easy to round off the fitting, making it difficult to grasp and remove. The line wrench reaches farther around the fitting and grasps it more firmly, preventing the fitting from becoming rounded.

  1. Remove the bolt (13mm) that secures the wheel cylinder to the backing plate and detach the wheel cylinder from the brake backing plate.
  2. Place the new wheel cylinder in position and install the bolt loosely.
  3. Connect the brake line, but don't tighten it yet. Tighten the wheel cylinder bolt securely, then tighten the brake line fitting.

Important Note: The brake bleeder valves are very fragile and are located in very close proximity to the brake line fitting. When removing or attaching the brake line it is very easy to break off the bleeder valve with the line wrench. If this happens, you’ll have to remove the wheel cylinder from the car and remove the broken bleeder valve with a very small easy-out.
Another Note: We found reattaching the brake line to the wheel cylinder to be very difficult. The easiest way, we found, was to disconnect the nearest fitting in the brake line, then attach the brake line to the wheel cylinder, then reconnect the brake line fitting. Don't forget to plug the brake line while it's disconnected.

  1. Reinstall the brake shoes and the brake drum in accordance with the Brake Shoe Replacement procedure and adjust the brakes in accordance with the Brake Adjustment procedure.
  2. Bleed the brakes per the Brake System Bleeding procedure.